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Joan Davis

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Contact Info:


Work Phone:

979-826-2452 x 509

About Me

Educational History:

I graduated from Hempstead High School in 1982.

I graduated from Blinn College in 1984.

I will be graduating from Western Governor’s University in October.


Degrees and Certifications:


Associate in Applied Science in Business Management

Paraprofessional Certification

Bachelor of Arts in Business Management (pending in October)

Current Position:

I started working as a life skill paraprofessional in 1990.  I was then transferred to the first grade as a paraprofessional.  I then was given the opportunity to run the elementary Library 24 years ago.

Previous Position:

I have worked at Wal-Mart in various positions, a car dealership in the Finance department, a local newspaper, and a movie theatre.  I all of these jobs I have learned how to get along and teach a lot of different personalities.  I learned how to train people and that people learn different ways.

Family Information:

  • I have two children: Matthew and Peter.
  • Matthew graduated in 2005 from Hempstead High School. Matthew is a Criminal Justice major. He is a Produce Manager in Arlan’s Supermarket in Waller, Texas
  • Peter graduated in 2014 from Hempstead High School.  Peter is currently attending Blinn College in College Station and is working at Producers in Bryan.
  • I have one dog.  Liza is a beautiful hyperactive Husky.
  • There are several feral cats that have adopted me.  They are very good hunters.


Personal Information:

  • I love going to the beach.  Listening to the waves, birds and watching the waves are peaceful and joyful for me.
  • I love arts and crafts.
  • I love to read.
  • Dancing is a fun for me.

Joan Davis

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School Phone:
979-826-2452 x 509