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Larry Stephenson

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Contact Info:


About Me

Educational History:

Plainfield High School in Joliet, Illinois

Lamar University

Degrees and Certifications:

Bachelor Arts and Science

Current Position:

Tecaher/Coach for 15 years, and SPED for 2 years.

This is my 2nd year at Hempstead Elementary and in HISD.


Previous Position:

I started in August 2000.

Sales manager for 15 years.

Family Information:

I’m married and have been for 30 years. We have one son, named Zack. He’s 6’7 and plays baseball in college. We have 2 dogs named Maggie and Dexter.

Personal Information:

I like to build hot rods ad restore old cars. I also like to watch sport.

Larry Stephenson

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