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Educational Experience

Mrs. Azucena Cardenas Kennedy grew up in Mexico in the city of Torreon, Coahuila, and she attended “Preparatoria Carlos Pereyra” High School, this school is a Private Catholic school under Jesuits leadership. Jesuits Priests guided her into mission trips and mission work, and always looking to serve better for the Glory of God, always choosing to help the people who are in the highest need for knowledge. 

Mrs. Kennedy attended the Catholic Private University in Torreon, Coahuila, called “Universidad Iberoamericana, Plantel Laguna”, also under the Jesuit denomination, followng the rule of Saint Igatious of Loyola in which she continued her mission work helping people in need, spirituality, she served children in extreme poverty neighborhoods, and she also served groups of youth to help them cope with drigs and alcohol, through her mission with the missionaries from the order or Saint Francis Xavier.  At this University she got her Bachelors Degree of Arts in Human Science, from 1992 to 1997, it lasted 9 semesters, and she studied Filosophy of Science, History, Social Studies, Literature, Art Critic, Communications, Design, and Pedagody. 

In 1998, Mrs. Kennedy studies a diploma in Spirituality with the nuns from the monastery of  the “Carmelitas”, who are women dedicated to study and the service of others through Education. 

Mrs. Kennedy also studied “Gestalt Psychotherapy” as a post bachelors degree, in which she learned Human Development and Facilitation techniques such as “Crisis Intervention”. 

In 2003, Mrs. Kennedy graduated from the Regiomontana University where she studied the Bilingual Certification. 

In 2004, she took the Bilingual Certification Courses at Saint Thomas Univesity.

In 2005, she studied  course work in “Research in Education”  at San Houston State Univesity. 

In 2015 she graduated from her masters degree in Science of Psychology, at the University of Phoenix. 

In 2017, she did course work with Region IV to become a school counselor, but it was inconcluded. 


Degrees and Certifications:

Behavior Analyst 

Bilingual Education and ESL

Professional Development:

NABE  – National Association for Bilingual Educators

I belong to APA – American Psychological Association as an associate member. 

TABE – Texas Association for Bilingual Education

I have attended several Professional Development with TEA, Reading and Math Academy.

I have attendend several workshops in my whole career, one of the most impacting has been “Emotional Intelligence” with Daniel Coleman, and Philosophy for Children, among others for Literacy and Math. 

Current Position:

Mrs. Kennedy started teaching in the fall of 2015 in 3rd grade bilingual. 

Mrs. Kennedy has a trajectory in Education of 25 years of experience and right now she is a 2nd grade bilingual teacher, self contained. 

Previous Position:

Mrs. Kennedy started teaching at the age of 18 years old, as an English and a Second Language Teacher. She got the Michigan Language Proficiency Certificate and the TOEFL test, (Test of English as a Foreign Language) in 1988. 

Mrs. Kennedy taught Elementary school at Tomball ISD for 12 years. She has taught Pre-kinder, Kinder, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade Bilingual. 

In Mexico, Mrs. Kennedy taught  at private schools such as The American School of Torreon, and the Technological Institute of Superior Studies of Monterrey, and at the Cumbres and Alpes Institute, all of those are high prestige and private institute which choose their staff very well, and in order to work with them you have to pass testing and show your knowledge on pedagogy. 

In my teaching experience, I used to teach middle school, I taught 7th, 8th, 9th and 10th grade, and also I have taught 12th grade, I was teaching Socials Studies, History, Civics and Ethics and Logic. 

My experience with teenagers made me appreciate the human formation when they are kids, and when I got a job in Texas to teacher elementary kids I felt very happy because they are  in a better disposition to learn. 

All my students have loved me and  I can tell I have been the wings under their wings and I remember all my students so much with love and care. 

The best experience and challenge has been to teach children in locations where they really need an excellent positive teacher in their life. This is my mission and being in Hempstead I feel God wants me here to inspire my students and promote their capacities on a daily basis. 

Family Information:

Mrs. Kennedy has a lovely family with four children, two beautiful daughters and two handsome boys. 

Mrs. Kennedy has one dog, one cat and one fish. 

Personal Information:

Mrs. Kennedy loves to spend time with her children in the weekends and evenings. Her hobbies are running at the US Fit Cypress Running club and she is getting ready to participate in the Cypress Half Marathon. 

Mrs. Kennedy spends the time taking care of her home, her food, she is veganism and she would like to organize events about Veganism and promoting love and respect to all animals. 

Mrs. Kennedy is also a Life coach, and she has a small business on the side, in wich she coach people about parenting , relationships, healthy lifestyle, emotional balance, stress managment, family conflict and employee conflict resolution for private companies, mediation for divorce, behavior coach and analyst. 

Mrs. Kennedy is also an event organizer and a social facilitator, she usually attends networking events and social events, she is always talking to people and among her goals is to write books for people to develop their best self. 

Azucena Kennedy

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