The students will be able to write book reports on the books they check out.  Forms for the book reports are located in the HES Library.  There are special book report forms for Kindergarten and First Grade.  There are more advanced book report forms for Second, Third, Fourth, and Fifth Grades. Forms are being updated into bilingual forms.  For every 3 complete book reports turned in, the student will receive an award.  Students will receive necklaces and charms for their completed reports.  Students are asked not to duplicate book reports.  A record of book reports turned in will be located in the HES Library.


There will be a Scholastic Book Fair in November.  There will be chapter books, easy to read books, cookbooks, reference books, Bluebonnet Award books and many more.  There will be more details to come. We ask that when you do come to the Scholastic Book Fair that you report to the office first.  You will receive a pass to come to the HES Library.  This is our way of keeping our students safe.  We would like to thank you in advance for always reporting to the office first before walking our campus. 


The HES Library will be having a Books and Bears Reading Time.  The students will be asked to bring a stuffed animal to participate.   Parents will be asked to join their students in this Reading Promotion.  There will be books available to enjoy with your student.  We ask that you check in and receive a pass for you to be able to walk our campus to bring your student to the Books and Bears Reading Time.  More details will be available soon.